Enhancement of ancient culinary traditions and creative reinterpretation of local recipes, our philosophy is about the respect for raw materials and creative combinations of ingredients.

Famous for our Friday night fresh fish-based, we offer themed evenings: from Cacciucco (or "must") to Paella, from fried fish to the "poor" fish with modern revisitation to enhance the taste.

We also organize tasting evenings where we give freedom to our creativity and we create an ad-hoc menù that perfectly fit whit the variety of our great wine labels.

We already had the pleasure to meet people like Michele Satta and Rolando Bettarini, Giorgio Meletti Cavallari, Massimo Piccin and many other experts are ready to guide our clients on a gastronomic journey to discover sophisticated and unusual combinations.



 Our flagship  product.

A wood-burning oven whit a rotating stone disk for the best cooking, special stone-grounded flours, a long leavening and high digestibility dough and fresh ingredients are our pillars that allow us to offer a high-quality product.

Every Wednesday since 1994 we propose the "Pizza Day".

You can taste our pizza without limits at a fixed cost.

Our Formula, which has always been the same, includes giant pizzas cooked in a wood-burning oven.

Stay at the table, the waiter will serve you slides of every pizza.

The advantage, beyond the fixed price, lies in the quality of the product.

The giant pizza is slightly higher than normal one making it more crispy and tasty.

Flavors of old times and a great way to spend a funny evening whit your friends.

Let yourself be tempted by our fantastic pizza.

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